UCAIug accreditation training and support

Expert training and sophisticated test tools help you set up your own UCAIug-accredited IEC 61850 test lab

The Utility Communications Architecture (UCA) and related open standards such as IEC 61850 are increasingly important in today’s power systems. They give operators the freedom to choose the best vendor for each component while being sure of interoperability, and help ensure safety, security and reliability for critical infrastructure. But the value such standards bring relies on everyone being able to trust the name when they see it related to a product. That’s why conformance testing must be carried out only by labs accredited by the UCA International Users Group (UCAIug).

Establish your own IEC 61850 test lab
Whether you want to perform testing for internal or external audiences, DNV can help you establish knowledge base and resources you need to achieve UCAIug accreditation. That includes:

  • Protocol training for your test engineers and (quality) managers
  • Test tools and training on how to use them
  • Setting up a quality system for testing

Our trainings combine theoretical knowledge with practical examples, so your engineers gain the in-depth understanding needed for analysing test outcomes and troubleshooting. As a result, you can offer a reliable and efficient test service.

Moreover, we can support you in becoming an active member of the UCAIug. This allows you to keep in-touch with the group’s activities and the latest developments in the standards and testing to ensure your testing programme remains at the cutting edge.

Learn from industry leaders
DNV is the ideal partner to help you establish your own UCAIug-accredited IEC 61850 test lab. You can benefit from our unrivalled expertise built up through decades of participation in user groups and standardisation bodies such as the UCAIug and IEC. This is complemented by experience from years of testing devices ourselves and implementing best practices at end users. Our expert trainers draw on their extensive real-world experience in the field to provide trainings that ensure you create a testing programme that meets your needs for years to come.


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